Mission to the Rescue: the grounding of the Hoegh Osaka

John Attenborough Port Chaplain Southampton for The Mission to Seafarers tells how he helped the crew of the grounded car carrier the Hoegh Osaka, after they were rescued from Southampton Sound in January 2015.


Sea Sunday 12 July - Celebrating seafarers' lives everywhere

Sea Sunday takes place all over the world this weekend, as churches celebrate and pray for those who work at sea. This year we are telling the story of our work in Southampton UK, and the work we did with the crew of the MV Hoegh Osaka. MORE

MV Seaman Guard Ohio Crew to stand trial in India after 625 days in detention

The Mission to Seafarers has been informed by the crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio from India 1 July that they will not be released to leave, as they had eagerly anticipated. MORE

Old Pulteney supports The Mission to Seafarers Belfast during Maritime Festival

Scottish maritime malt whisky will be supporting the Mission in Northern Ireland at the Tall Ships Races. MORE

Revd Ken Peters wins ISWAN special award

The Revd Canon Ken Peters, Director of Justice and Public Affairs, The Mission to Seafarers, wins Judges Special Award for Outstanding Services to Seafarers at ISWAN MORE
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